Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Todd English onboard the QM2

A short summary of why I've been away from blogging for so long. I started my job onboard the Queen Mary 2 in November 2012. I have been sailing and traveling the world while enjoying the ups and downs in the print shop. Check out my travel blog to find out more. [My Travel Blog: A Walk in the Wong Shoes]

Now to the sweet stuff! (Don't be surprised if I start using British terms as I've been living on a British ship for almost a year now)

Todd English is a restaurant onboard the Queen Mary 2. It is quite a posh restaurant. I feel I have to act like a proper lady when eating there. The appetizers and entrees are quite delicious. Lets skip to the good stuff. The dessert is divine!

The most talked about dessert at Todd English is their Chocolate Fallen Cake. You definitely can't go wrong when you order chocolate. This fallen cake is baked to perfection and when you cut it open the chocolate comes trickling out slowly. It's served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which always complements any chocolate. Every bite is delightful and that is why I always take a picture so I can saver that delicious moment forever.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mixx it up!

Let me just say that last time I came to visit my brother in Boston and this time I came to visit my brother in Boston, I went to Mixx to get some frozen yogurt.

What to do.

Don't forget the toppings!

You just have to Mixx it up when you come to Boston! Frozen Yogurt! Yummy!

Weddings and Bridal Shower

A few posts ago, I mentioned I went to a couple of weddings in August. I love being a part of wedding celebrations! I can’t help but smile when I think of white dresses, dancing, flowers, family, food, drinks, and dessert.

Lindsey & Oliver
August 11, 2012

My Aunt Lindsey got married to the lovely Oliver this year on August 11th. The ceremony was very touching with beautiful vows. I loved catching up with family and having the whole Wong family in one place. After pictures, everyone headed to the reception. My family and I sat at table twenty-one (the cool table). In between the kissing, dancing and diving for the flower bouquet, I got to eat the yummy cupcakes they served as their “wedding cake”. Before I said my good-byes and congratulations, everyone got to bring their little sacks and fill them with trail-mix. Yummy!

The cool table

Time to catch the bouquet

Trail mix it up!

Dessert! Cupcakes!

The next wedding I went to was my best friend’s, Susie’s, wedding. Susie married Eddie on August 18th, 2012. I was the maid of honor, so I set up the Bridal Shower with help from Naomi, Christine and my good friend Aya.

Susie & Eddie
August 18, 2012

I was all sorts of worried about how the Bridal Shower would turn out, but it was a successful. The decorations and favors turned out amazing. Plus the games were great and everyone loved the prizes. Don’t forget dessert! You know me, I had to have a dessert table.

From Left: Marissa (Me), Susie and Aya

Dessert Table at the Bridal Shower

Drink Station

Party favors, Firefly Christmas Lights and paper flowers made by Aya

Aya and I did a ton of hunting online when it came to decoration ideas. We both love cutesy things. Since we were planning things in different places, we collaborated on Pinterest. (Link to our board.) I think we used just one of those ideas. Go figure, right?! We did the “Firefly Christmas Lights” in the colors of the Bridal Shower. It looked amazing!

Time to dance!

Congratulations again to the lovely newlyweds: Lindsey & Oliver and Susie & Eddie.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Yay Halloween is here! Time to get on those costumes and be someone else for a day. Since I didn’t spend money/effort on a costume this year (I know, LAME-O HERE hahaha), I went to the local Dollar Tree, Jo-Ann and Pumpkin Patch to get a few things. I got tape, curling ribbon, paper napkins, Candy Corn, Reese’s, Kisses, Starburst, glow sticks, one piece of black and orange felt and two mini pumpkins.

What did I do with all of these goodies?? I GOT CRAFTY!

Truthfully, Martha Stewart got me in the Halloween mood. I was flipping through her Halloween edition magazine at Barnes & Nobles. I always love her ideas (despite her little jail incident).

First, I cracked open that pack of Halloween napkins. What kind of craft can you do with paper napkins? I modified Martha Stewart’sHalloween Pumpkin treat bags, since I was doing most of my shopping at the Dollar Tree. Martha’s initial idea was to “Fill orange mini craft bags with candy. Twist the top of the bag up into a stem. … Wrap floral tape around stem…” When I first read this idea, I thought it was AMAZING! My Dollar Tree version of this: I opened up a napkin, put some candy in, and closed it with tape. My idea of covering the tip with curling ribbon wasn’t going too well, so I covered it with felt instead and used the curling ribbon as an accent. 

My second crafty creation was also Martha Stewart inspired. In the magazine, she had an I Scream Sundae. (The link is the closest thing I could find online.) I thought the witch hats were super adorable. Where does my Dollar Tree goodies come in? Well, I cut out pieces from the paper napkin to turn it into a witch hat for the mini pumpkins. Then I continued to decorate the pumpkins with the black felt I bought. 

I used the rest of the felt to make pumpkins, black cats, bats, spiders, witch hats, brooms, tomb stones, trick or treat bags and candy. I used the curling ribbon to accent most of my crafty creations. I was going to put the glow sticks in the pumpkin treat bags, but I forgot. Ha-Ha-Ha! I think glow sticks are just enjoyable by themselves anyway. Lastly, I used the cardboard roll that the glow sticks were in. I took some tissue and made ghost out of them. BOO!

The door decor for the bathroom

I hung the ghost from the ceiling

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a SPOOOoooOOooOooKY day!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I was watching TV and it just so happened that this came on the news. HELLO KITTY AIR!!! I had so many reactions!!!







Hello Kitty has flooded stores all over the world. This kitty icon has so many different variations: rock, nerd, tanned, etc.. I love Hello Kitty. I may not love it to the extent where I must buy everything Hello Kitty and cover my room in Hello Kitty, but I do love Hello Kitty.

I would love to experience Hello Kitty Eva Air!! One day!! From its website, it looks like it only flies out of Taiwan. Ha-ha-ha Maybe one day I will take the flight from Taiwan to Seoul. In Seoul, I will go visit the Hello Kitty Cafe!! A whole trip dedicated to Hello Kitty!

At the moment, I am in Japan! I will be heading to Kiddy Land soon! I hear they sell many Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma paraphernalia. :) I can't wait! I am such a little kid at heart!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hot Day, Dessert on the Way!

Jenny and I at Ah Chew in Singapore

Nothing beats a refreshing and delicious dessert on a hot and humid Singapore day. My parents, our friend Jenny, and I went back to Ah Chew (God Bless you ha-ha-ha). I got to have my Hong Kong Red Bean Ice with Mango ice cream! Yummy!

At Swensen’s they do not mess around with their ice cream. Go big or go home! Oh man! Check out their Sundae Menu! It amazed me when my parents and I sat down to have some ice cream. I got their Local Infusion Milo Indulgence. It was rich and delicious! (Milo is a Singapore favorite. It’s a chocolate and malt powdered drink, which tastes similarly to chocolate milk. Learn more about Milo.)

Honey Moon Desserts has some great Asian desserts as well! I LOVE GREEN TEA ICE CREAM! Put that on top of the mango pudding with sago, jelly and mangos. That equals a super delicious fabulous dessert! Yummy!

Find out about my adventures in Singapore at my travel blog! Here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Sweet" spots in San Francisco!

As you can tell I have quite a sweet tooth. Sometimes I like to think that baked goods, candy, ice cream, and many more sweets are good for you. Ha-ha I don't have that thought quite too often, but I like to dream that it is true.
My friend Moe visited me this summer and I was able to rediscover San Francisco along with taking him to some of my favorite sweet spots in the city.

Sweet Spot #1: Ciao Bella!
Ciao Bella is located in the Ferry Building right by the Embarcadero Bart exit! This place is an Italian gelato place. They have tons of flavors of gelato and sorbet. When you see all their flavors, it looks so colorful! We tried the Strawberry and Mango gelato. Yummy!

Sweet Spot #2: Bi-Rite Creamery
Walking to Bi-Rite Creamery from Bart is not a very pretty site. You get off at 16th Street and Mission, but I think this ice cream is definitely worth it. I didn't want to stand in line for hours, so I took Moe here on a weekday. It was the perfect wait. When we were walking there I could tell we were getting closer because I saw Bi-Rite Market and Bi-Rite Soft Serve. I was thinking, "YES, ICE CREAM HERE WE COME!" One of my favorite flavors in the world is strawberry, so I always get the Balsamic Strawberry. This time I also tried Coffee Toffee because I always enjoy my cup of coffee. Both were delicious! I'm sticking to those flavors from now on. Yum!

Sweet Spot #3: Tartine Bakery
I wasn't able to take Moe here, but I love Tartine Bakery. It can get busy, but I love to come here for breakfast! Their chocolate croissant is super delicious! It is flaky and chocolaty! They have cookies, pie, cake, bread and coffee. Ha-ha you can see why I love this place! You can't go wrong with pastries and coffee.

Sweet Spot #4: Ghirardelli Ice Cream
I love the scenery at Ghirardelli Square more than the ice cream, but you can't say no to ice cream. This is definitely the tourist spot, but I love it here at night. Everything is lit up and so beautiful! Yay for having ice cream here!! That makes this place super beautifully delicious!

Sweet Spot #5: Beard Papa
Oh man, oh man! Beard Papa cream puffs are so yummy! They are simple, yet so good! These cream puffs can get addicting! 

Sweet Spot #6: Tout Sweet Patisserie
Tout Sweet Patisserie recently opened and I am dying to try it! I put it on the list because I already love it by looking at pictures and looking at the website. I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I really love the colorful decor of the place! And you can't go wrong with sweeeeeets!! Look at those macarons! They're beautiful and colorful! My next trip to the city, some of those will be coming home with me!